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0501 Agriculture

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Narrow Field 0501 Agriculture

Agriculture is the study of growing, maintaining and harvesting non-intensively managed crops and pastures, and breeding, grazing and managing animals. It includes the study of farming and producing unprocessed plant and animal products.

The main purpose of this narrow field of education is to develop an understanding of livestock reproduction, the production of primary plant and animal products, and the theory and practice of farming. It also involves developing an ability to utilise current agricultural technology, techniques and practices.

Courses in Narrow Field 0501 Agriculture develop skills in:

  • analysing current and future market conditions to determine which crops are grown and/or livestock raised
  • identifying environmental factors affecting flock and herd health and productivity

This narrow field comprises the following detailed fields:

050101  Agricultural Science
050103  Wool Science
050105  Animal Husbandry
050199  Agriculture, n.e.c.


Agricultural economics. This is included in Detailed Field 091901 Economics.
Farm management and agribusiness. These are included in Detailed Field 080321 Farm Management and Agribusiness.

050101 Agricultural Science

Agricultural Science is the study of the non-intensive farming of animals and plants.

Examples of subjects in this detailed field include:

  • broadacre production
  • cropping and grazing systems
  • dairying
  • dryland farming systems


Vegetable gardening. This is included in Detailed Field 050301 Horticulture.

050103 Wool Science

Wool Science is the study of producing, handling and classing wool and other fleece.

Examples of subjects in this detailed field include:

  • fleece characteristics
  • fleece producing animals
  • wool identification, classification and handling
  • greasy wool impurities
  • shearing

050105 Animal Husbandry

Animal Husbandry is the study of the intensive management of animals, their training, handling, care, breeding and rearing.

Examples of subjects in this detailed field include:

  • animal grooming
  • artificial insemination and other breeding techniques
  • beekeeping
  • animal hygiene and nutrition
  • zookeeping
  • equine management

050199 Agriculture, n.e.c.

This detailed field includes all Agriculture not elsewhere classified.

Examples of subjects in this detailed field include:

  • agricultural extension
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