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0101 Mathematical Sciences

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Narrow Field 0101 Mathematical Sciences

Mathematical Sciences is the study of abstract deductive systems, numerical facts, data and their applications.

The main purpose of this narrow field of education is to develop an understanding of symbolic language and logic, mathematical theories and their deductive systems, techniques and modelling. It also involves developing an understanding of random processes and the ability to apply mathematical methods and modelling techniques to practical problems.

Courses in Narrow Field 0101 Mathematical Sciences develop skills in:

  • application of mathematical methods to problem solving
  • analysis and development of mathematical systems and theories
  • systematic methods to prove theorems and to construct, analyse and interpret mathematical models and numerical data

This narrow field comprises the following detailed fields:

010101  Mathematics
010103  Statistics
010199  Mathematical Sciences, n.e.c.

010101 Mathematics

Mathematics is the study of deductive systems, including algebra, arithmetic, geometry, analysis and applied mathematics.

Examples of subjects in this detailed field include:

  • calculus
  • numerical analysis
  • combinatorics
  • optimisation
  • topology
  • trigonometry

010103 Statistics

Statistics is the study of collecting, describing, arranging and analysing numerical data.

Examples of subjects in this detailed field include:

  • biometrics
  • linear and multivariate models
  • probability estimations
  • statistical significance tests
  • stochastic processes
  • time series analysis


Econometrics. This is included in Detailed Field 091903 Econometrics.

010199 Mathematical Sciences, n.e.c.

This detailed field includes all Mathematical Sciences not elsewhere classified.

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