How to run jobs offline

Secure Environment for Analysing Data (SEAD)

Explore how utilising local disk space can benefit analysts working across multiple projects


Running jobs offline using local disk space

If you are an analyst who works across multiple projects, you can request local disk space. This will enable your virtual machine (VM) to run jobs offline, noting the 30 day rebuild still applies.

Datasets are stored on a remote file share. Only the active machine has network access to this location. Your locked VMs do not. To run offline jobs, you need to request local disk space via your administrators to be attached to your machine. There may be a cost associated with this.

When running jobs offline, the inactive machine can continue to run your program as it still has access to the data since it is no longer using the remote file share. However, working like this does not allow your project team to see your analysis or output. You should always move your output back to your Project or Output drives where your project team can access and review the output.

To use local disk space:

  1. request access to a local disk for your project through your SEAD administrator
  2. copy the data products you need to the local disk
  3. in your program, point to your source/input data on the local disk and start the job
  4. in your program, save your output to the local disk
  5. exit your VM and return to the SEAD portal to activate another machine
  6. after you have finished running your analysis offline (local disk) move your analysis and output back to your Project drive
Local disk space
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