Consultancy request form Collection Notice

This Collection Notice explains the collection of your personal information by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) through the Consultancy Services Request Form (the form). The purpose of the form is to provide you with an alternative way of contacting the ABS if you have a request for detailed data not available from published data on the ABS website.

Purpose and collection of personal information

In order to contact you about your data enquiry, the ABS will collect the following personal information provided by you on the form:

  • Your name
  • Your email address
  • Your contact phone number
  • Your organisation or business name

Storage and security of personal information

Your personal information is stored in the secure ABS environment and managed in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988, its Australian privacy Principles, other relevant legislation, and the requirements of the ABS’ legislative framework.

Use and disclosure of personal information

The ABS will only use your personal information to contact you about your data enquiry and not share your details with any other parties outside the ABS, unless authorised by or under an Australian Law. Please see the ABS Privacy Policy for more information.

Retention of personal information

The retention and deletion of your personal and/or sensitive information will be managed by the ABS business unit in accordance with the relevant legislation.

Privacy Complaints

The ABS Privacy Policy for Managing and Operating Our Business has information about how you can make a complaint if you feel the ABS has not adequately protected your privacy. The Policy describes how the ABS will respond to your complaint, and what you can do if you are not satisfied with our response. You can contact the ABS Privacy Officer (details below) who will respond to enquiries or assist with complaints.

ABS Privacy Officer contact details

By email: 

By post: ABS Privacy Officer 
Australian Bureau of Statistics 
Locked Bag 10, Belconnen ACT 2617

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