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How to apply for Accounting and Finance graduate roles

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Accounting and finance graduates at the ABS

The ABS is participating in the Australian Government Graduate Program (AGGP) – Accounting and Financial Management stream. The AGGP is a whole-of-Government program that lets you apply for one stream and have access to multiple Australian Government and Commonwealth agencies. You no longer need to submit multiple job applications. You could work at the ABS if found suitable in your application for the AGGP Accounting and Financial Management stream.

Applications for the Australian Government Graduate Program (AGGP) – Accounting and Financial Management stream open on 6 March to 17 April 2023. To apply for this stream, see Accounting and Financial Managment stream.

As an Accounting and Financial Management graduate at the ABS, you will join our network of graduates from other streams for the ABS Graduate Development Program.  Accounting and Finance graduates at the ABS will experience a range of operational and strategic finance roles such as procurement, costings, external budgets, internal budgets, management accounting, financial statements, accounts payable, accounts receivable, travel, credit cards and financial management information system administration and maintenance.

While the formal program begins in February 2024, many of our graduates are given the opportunity to start as a non-ongoing or permanent employee earlier. Your availability to start early will have no bearing on your assessment of suitability.

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