Teresa Dickinson, Deputy Australian Statistician, Census and Data Services Group

Photo: Teresa DickinsonTeresa Dickinson is the Deputy Australian Statistician leading the Census & Data Services Group.

The Census & Data Services Group is responsible for collecting the data the ABS uses in its work and disseminating the official statistics, data and insights it produces to inform Australia's important decisions. The Group provides statistical infrastructure to support work of the ABS and leads its work to expand and improve data sharing, data integration and microdata access across government. It also leads planning underway for the 2021 Census.

Teresa joined the ABS in April 2018 after four years as a Deputy Government Statistician and Deputy Chief Executive at Statistics New Zealand. At Stats NZ she held a variety of roles, including leading their transformation program, providing statistical infrastructure and – most recently - leading data collection and production of official statistics and insights across economic, social and environmental statistics. This included responsibility for leading their 2018 Census, which was undertaken in March.

During a career spanning 30 years, Teresa has worked in a wide range of statistical and data roles in the public sector including Commonwealth Government (AIHW and ABS previously), Victorian State Government and scientific research (CSIRO). She has over 15 years’ experience at senior executive levels.

Teresa holds Master of Statistics and a Master of Business Administration degrees. She is a University Medallist and Accredited Statistician with the Statistical Society of Australia.

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