Insights and Statistics Group

Brenton Goldsworthy

Brenton Goldsworthy, Deputy Australian Statistician

Brenton Goldsworthy is the Deputy Australian Statistician leading the Insights and Statistics Group. The Insights and Statistics Group has responsibility for coordinating the end-to-end delivery of data services for our clients. This includes producing demographic, economic and social statistics, and the Census.

Brenton joined the ABS in May 2023 from Treasury, where he held a number of roles including First Assistant Secretary of the Budget Policy Division, head of economic forecasting, and senior representative at the Australian Embassy in Tokyo. Brenton was also the First Assistant Secretary of the Economic Division at Prime Minister and Cabinet, where he supported the Government’s economic response to COVID-19. Brenton also worked at the International Monetary Fund during a 5-year period which included the Global Financial Crisis. Brenton holds a Masters of Economics from the University of Melbourne and a Bachelor of Commerce with Honours from the University of Adelaide.

People and Place Division

Bindi Kindermann

Bindi Kindermann, General Manager

Bindi Kindermann is a member of the ABS’ Executive Team, leading the People and Place Division.

Bindi brings more than 15 years’ experience as a senior leader in the Australian Public Service and over 9 years at the senior executive level.  Bindi has a deep interest in the policy challenges facing Australia and a track record in modernising the public sector response to those challenges, particularly in relation to conceptual frameworks, change management, governance and data and digital approaches.

Bindi was responsible for the successful delivery of the 2021 Census of Population and Housing at the Australian Bureau of Statistics.  The 2021 Census is commonly referred to as Australia’s largest peacetime exercise and online event, and the 2021 Census widely heralded as the most inclusive and accessible Census ever, achieving over a 95% response rate despite being undertaken during the delta COVID lockdowns.

Bindi has held several leadership roles at the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the Department of Health and Aged Care, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, NSW Government, and the University of Canberra.

Linda Fardell

Program Manager
Health and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Statistics Branch

Bjorn Jarvis

Program Manager
Labour Statistics Branch

Sybille McKeown

Program Manager
Social Characteristics and Place Branch

Michelle Ducat

Program Manager
Education and Crime Statistics Branch

Economy and Environment Division

Jacqui Jones

Jacqui Vitas, General Manager

Jacqui Vitas is the General Manager of The Economy and Environment Division.   She has held senior positions in economic statistics since 2010, including National Accounts, Balance of Payments, Financial Accounts, Public Finance, Labour statistics and business surveys.   

Prior to joining the ABS in 2016 Jacqui worked in the UK Office for National Statistics, on the 2001 Census, in the Methodology Division, in National Accounts, in Balance of Payments and broader economic statistics.

Jacqui has extensive experience of economic statistics and business surveys, co-authoring (Jacqui Jones) 'Designing and Conducting Business Surveys', and co-editor of ‘Advances in Business Statistics Methods and Data Collection’.  She was previously involved in undertaking research to understand and measure business survey perceived response burden, co-editing the ‘Handbook for Monitoring and Evaluating Business Surveys Response Burdens’.

Jacqui has a BA (Hons) in Social Policy Administration and an MSc in Social Research.

Michelle Tan*

Program Manager
Finance and Wealth Branch

Jonathon Khoo*

Program Manager
Physical Environment Accounts and Statistics Branch

Grace Kim*

Program Manager
International Statistics Branch

Katherine Keenan

Program Manager
Production, Income and Expenditure Branch


Prices and Transformation Division

Liz Williamson

Elizabeth Williamson, General Manager

Tom Joseph

Program Manager
Business Statistics Transformation Branch

Andrew Tomadini

Program Manager
Prices Transformation Branch

Michelle Marquardt

Program Manager
Prices Branch

Census and Population Division

Duncan Young

Duncan Young, General Manager

Duncan Young is the General Manager for the Census and Population Division at the ABS.

As a graduate of computer science and mathematics, Duncan has worked in a wide range of statistical and technology leadership roles for over twenty years at the ABS and Statistics New Zealand. Duncan applied his leadership to the 2017 Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey as program manager, helping successfully deliver the survey within 99 days. Duncan was also the Program Manager of the 2016 Census of Population and Housing, Australia’s largest logistical exercise, and General Manager of the 2021 Census for the data operations and release of data.

As General Manager of ABS’ data acquisition functions, Duncan helped steer the ABS operations through the COVID-19 pandemic. Innovative approaches were required to protect staff and the community, while continuing to collect high quality data at a time of great social and economic change. The ABS enabled new, high frequency business and social surveys to understand the impacts of the pandemic and introduced video interviewing as an alternative to face to face collection.

Duncan has delivered technical assistance to the 2009 Vietnam Census, and was part of the UN Statistics Division expert panel for the 2020 round of Censuses. Duncan was also a member of the UK’s Beyond Census 2011 International Review Panel and the International Advisory Panel to the 2014 Myanmar Census. Duncan is also a member of the Statistics New Zealand 2023 Census Board.

Mark Harding

Program Manager
Census 2026 Branch

Denise Carlton

Program Manager
Population Statistics Branch



*Individual is acting, temporary or contractor in this role

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