Census TableBuilder is an online data tool in which you can create tables, graphs and maps of Census data. It is designed to help you produce data specific to your needs.

You can:

  • construct tables of Census data for a range of geographic areas, including small area geographies like Postcodes
  • display data by counts or percentages
  • view and export data as graphs and thematic maps in a variety of formats, including PDF and KMZ files
  • create and save customised geographic areas and data items (recodes).

For information on data items available for the 2016 Census, see the 2016 Census TableBuilder Guest, Basic and Pro Data item list (cat. no. 2079.0)

Which product is best for you?

TableBuilder Guest is a free product that allows you to access TableBuilder Basic datasets without completing registration. You can create and download tables up to 10,000 cells, generate and download graphs or thematic maps, and display data by counts or percentages. However, you will not be able to save tables, submit large tables or save recodes. Use the link at the top of the page to access Census TableBuilder Guest.

TableBuilder Basic is a free registered product that allows you to access basic datasets. You have access to all TableBuilder features, including saving a table online and creating a custom recode. Table size is the same as Census TableBuilder Pro. TableBuilder Basic provides access to most Census data in a range of topic based datasets that include classifications such as age, education, housing, income, transport, religion, ethnicity and occupation.

TableBuilder Pro is available by paid subscription and designed for advanced Census data users who want the freedom to create large or complex tables up to 40 million cells. You can access nearly all variables available in the Census data, and create a large variety of cross-classified tables. To maintain the confidentiality of respondents and to ensure the output of quality data, some system restrictions have been implemented. These restrictions prevent the cross-tabulation of certain data items. For further information see 2079.0 - Census of Population and Housing: Community Profile, DataPack and TableBuilder Templates, Australia, 2016.

How to register for Basic or Pro Census TableBuilder.

Tutorials - How to use TableBuilder

Need more information?

Need support? Access the TableBuilder User Guide (cat. no. 1406.0.55.005).

For more detail about data classifications, see the 2016 Census Dictionary (cat. no. 2901.0).

For more detail about geography standards, see the Australian Statistical Geography Standard (ASGS).

ABS Maps is an online mapping tool that allows you to view data for the ASGS regions.