Integrated data

The ABS builds highly valuable integrated data assets for research in the public interest.

By maintaining and regularly updating integrated data assets, the ABS can respond effectively to evolving research demands, and users can undertake important research about people and businesses across time.

The ABS manages four key data assets:

    • Multi-Agency Data Integration Project (MADIP)
      MADIP is a secure data asset combining information on health, education, government payments, income and taxation, employment, and population demographics (including the Census) to create a comprehensive picture of Australia over time.
    • Linked Employer-Employee Database (LEED)
      LEED is a cross-sectional dataset that brings together employer information from BLADE and employee information from personal income tax and payment summary data to provide insights on the nature of jobs, employees and their employers.

Data integration projects

The ABS also integrates a range of other data.

Data Integration project register is a listing of approved data integration projects conducted by the ABS.

Use and benefits outlines case studies from projects using integrated data managed by the ABS.

Access and services explains how to apply to access to integrated data.
    New opportunity - integrated business and person data

    The ABS has enabled the integration of some BLADE datasets with information about employer characteristics to employee data in MADIP over time. The Data Integration Project Register has more information. We recognise that broader integration of longitudinal business and person data will be valuable for analysis and research, and so we plan to explore this further with a future Privacy Impact Assessment.

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