Access and services

In addition to publishing statistics on our website, the ABS provides specialised data products and services to inform Australia’s important decisions.

We work as a trusted partner with government and selected non-government organisations to provide a range of high-quality access, data integration and consultancy services.

Compare data services will help you to discover and choose the best data service.

Access to integrated data

A range of integrated data is available for access by approved users for statistical and research purposes.

The ABS uses the Five Safes Framework to ensure safe and secure data access for projects that benefit the public.

For an overview of key integrated data assets see: 

Available microdata provides a list of ABS microdata, including a range of integrated data.

Where is integrated data accessed

Access to detailed microdata is provided through the secure ABS DataLab for approved users and projects.

Some users prefer to access basic tables, custom graphs, graphs and large tables sourced from integrated data using Tablebuilder.

ABS Information Consultants can produce outputs to suit your requirements sourced from integrated data. This service is available for approved users who want to work with aggregate data in their own environment.

Who can access the data

The ABS produces standard integrated data products that meet most research needs and creates custom products for projects with specialised requirements.

Standard detailed microdata and Tablebuilder are available to approved government and non-government users. This includes:

BLADE and custom MADIP detailed microdata are available to these types of users:

  • government employees
  • government contractors and individuals sponsored by government
  • academics
  • researchers from public policy research institutes

About the DataLab outlines the requirements users must meet before access is granted.
DataLab safe researcher training provides an overview of the mandatory training and schedule.

Applying for access and costs

The first step is to contact ABS Data Services via We will discuss your project requirements and data options, and provide you with an Integrated data project proposal template.

If you would like an ABS Information Consultant to produce aggregate outputs sourced from integrated data, you may submit a request for an obligation free quote

If our existing products don’t meet your needs, you can apply for our Data integration service.

How to Apply describes the steps involved in applying to access ABS microdata.
About the DataLab outlines the access process for detailed ABS microdata.
Data services prices outlines the associated costs.

Timeframes for access

Indicative timeframes for a new ‘standard’ project (i.e. one similar to a project we have conducted before) are provided as a best-case scenario below.

This applies to access to existing MADIP or BLADE detailed microdata (such as the MADIP Modular or BLADE Core) via the DataLab.

ActivityDescriptionIndicative timeframes
1. Technical assessmentCommences after discussing your project with ABS Data Services and once a proposal is received.
ABS conducts an initial Five Safes Framework and ensures data are suitable and available for your research purpose.
Projects are batched and assessed on a monthly basis.
5 days
2. Cost quote and timingOnce the service is clarified, we will provide you with a quote for DataLab access.5 days
3. ApprovalsFollowing acceptance of the quote, we undertake a detailed Five Safes Assessment and organise the relevant ABS and data custodian approvals.
Timeframes depend on data custodian work load and if data custodians request specific conditions.
10 days +
4. InvoiceAn invoice will be supplied to the Project Lead.1 day
5. Researcher onboarding and setupAfter early advice on DataLab safe researcher onboarding requirements, ABS will finalise researcher checks and set up DataLab accounts.
Timeframes depend on when researchers can attend training and return paperwork.
5 days +
6. Access grantedABS advises approved researchers that DataLab accounts are created.1 day
7. Output vettingAll outputs are cleared by an ABS officer.1 day
8. AuditingABS logs and audits activity.Ongoing

Custom data integration services

Data integration service outlines how we can help you if your project needs cannot be met using our existing integrated data products.