Australian Census and Temporary Entrants Integrated Dataset (ACTEID)

What is ACTEID?

The Australian Census and Temporary Entrants Integrated Dataset (ACTEID) links Census of Population and Housing (Census) data with temporary visa holder data from the Department of Home Affairs (Home Affairs).

ACTEID provides insights into the characteristics of temporary residents in Australia, including demographic information, visa characteristics, mobility (i.e., address one year ago, address five years ago), and data on employment, education, income, and cultural and language diversity.

How it works

The linkage of these two data sources allows for detailed Census information to be cross classified by temporary visa holders’ entry conditions (e.g., visa status and whether a primary or secondary applicant), providing valuable insights into settlement patterns of overseas born persons by visa stream as well as information on housing, income, labour force characteristics, changing occupations, educational pathways, health and family characteristics.

The project is enabled through the partnership of the ABS and the Department of Home Affairs. 

Research benefits and outcomes

This dataset provides information on the social and economic characteristics of temporary visa holders who were present in Australia on Census night. This information improves our understanding of the socio-economic outcomes of temporary visa holders and assists policy makers develop and evaluate migrant policies and programs.

Privacy and security

The ABS respects individual’s rights to privacy and is committed to keeping information safe and secure. The ABS is subject to legislation protecting the confidentiality of information, including the Census and Statistics Act 1905 which makes it a criminal offence to breach secrecy provisions.

For more information see the 2021 Census Privacy Statement, and Keeping integrated data safe

Accessing ACTEID data

Temporary visa holders in Australia presents statistics sourced from ACTEID data.

Microdata and TableBuilder: Temporary visa holders in Australia contains information about accessing the ACTEID microdata as well as details about data items contained in the dataset.

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