Weekly Payroll Jobs and Wages in Australia, Interim

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Selected Payroll jobs estimates, sourced from Single Touch Payroll (STP) data

Reference period
Week ending 25 September 2021

Key statistics

Payroll jobs:

  • up 0.2% in the fortnight up to 25 September 2021
  • down 0.6% in the previous fortnight (to 11 September 2021)

This interim release presents an updated suite of high-level payroll job indexes, including Australia and each state and territory, up to the week ending 25 September 2021. 

In this release, revisions to payroll jobs indexes are higher than usual in mid to late June 2021.  This is due to the removal of historical imputation, which is more visible in periods of payroll job decline. See the Imputation section of the Methodology for more information.

National, state and territory

All geographical areas in this release represent the residential address of the jobholder. 

State and territory percentage change in payroll jobs, in the fortnight to 25 September 2021

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This map presents the percentage change in payroll jobs in the fortnight up to 25 September 2021, by the state and territory of the jobholder's residential address. 

- New South Wales (0.9%)
- Victoria (0.0%)
- Queensland (-0.3%)
- South Australia (0.2%)
- Western Australia (0.0%)
- Tasmania (-0.9%)
- Northern Territory (0.2%)
- Australian Capital Territory (0.9%)


Largest changes in payroll jobs in the fortnight up to 25 September 2021:

  • New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory, both up 0.9% 
  • Tasmania, down 0.9% 
Percentage change in payroll jobs, by state and territory
In the fortnight since 11 September 2021In the month since 28 August 2021In the year since 26 September 2020
New South Wales0.9%0.7%-5.9%
South Australia0.2%0.1%4.4%
Western Australia0.0%0.0%5.4%
Northern Territory0.2%0.4%6.7%
Australian Capital Territory0.9%-1.3%-8.1%

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Table 1: Selected payroll job indexes

National, state and territory payroll job indexes to the week ending 25 September 2021

About this release

This interim release continues the provision of timely insights into payroll jobs during the current COVID-19 period. The reduced set of estimates available in this release are produced in line with our rapid response capability, and will be available a fortnight after each monthly release for a limited period. The full suite of payroll jobs and wages estimates are available in Weekly Payroll Jobs and Wages in Australia, up to the week ending 11 September 2021. 

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