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Survey of Income and Housing, User Guide, Australia
Reference period
2019-20 financial year
ABSAustralian Bureau of Statistics
ACTAustralian Capital Territory
ACCSAdditional Child Care Subsidy
ARIAAccessibility/Remoteness Index of Australia
ASGCAustralian Standard Geographical Classification
ASGSAustralian Statistical Geography Standard
ASNAAustralian System of National Accounts
ATOAustralian Taxation Office
AWEAverage Weekly Earnings
CAIComputer Assisted Interviewing
cat. no.Catalogue number
CATIComputer Assisted Telephone Interviewing
CAPIComputer Assisted Personal Interviewing
CAWIComputer Assisted Web Interviewing
CCBChild Care Benefit
CCRChild Care Rebate (formerly known as Child Care Tax Rebate: CCTR)
CCSChild Care Subsidy
CNOSCanadian National Occupancy Standard
COAGCouncil of Australian Governments
COICOPClassification of Individual Consumption According to Purpose
COVID-19Coronavirus disease of 2019
CPIConsumer Price Index
CURFConfidentialised Unit Record File
DSSDepartment of Social Services
DVADepartment of Veterans' Affairs (Australian Government )
EDHIEquivalised Disposable Household Income
ERPEstimated resident population
FBTFringe Benefits Tax
FISIMFinancial intermediation services indirectly measured
FTBFamily Tax Benefit
GFCGlobal financial crisis
GFSGovernment Finance Statistics
GMIGross mixed income
GOSGross operating surplus
GSTGoods and services tax
HECHousehold Expenditure Classification
HECSHigher Education Contribution Scheme
HELPHigher Education Loan Program
HESHousehold Expenditure Survey
IUIncome unit
LERLow Economic Resource measure
MoEMargin of Error
MSHIMain Source of Household Income
necNot elsewhere classified
nfdNot further defined
NHHANational Housing and Homelessness Agreement
NPISHNon-profit institutions serving households
NSWNew South Wales
NTNorthern Territory
OECDOrganisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
PALPrimary Approach Letters
PAYGPay-as-you-go tax
PBLCIPensioner and Beneficiary Living Cost Index
PHIRPrivate Health Insurance Rebate
PPLPaid Parental Leave
RARent Assistance
RBAReserve Bank of Australia
ROGSReport on Government Services
RSERelative Standard Error
SASouth Australia
SA1Statistical Area Level 1
SA4Statistical Area Level 4
SEStandard Error
SEIFASocio-Economic Indexes for Areas
SIHSurvey of Income and Housing
STIKSocial Transfers In Kind
WAWestern Australia
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