Mental health institutions (COFOG-A 074)

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Mental health institutions (COFOG-A 074) consists of government expenditure on mental health institutions. This category is further classified into:

  • mental health institutions (COFOG-A 0741).

Mental health institutions (COFOG-A 0741)


Mental health institutions (COFOG-A 0741) consists of:

  • the provision of services by mental health institutions; and
  • the administration, inspection, operation or support of mental health institutions.

Includes: Institutions that exist primarily for the treatment and care of admitted patients with psychiatric, mental or behavioural disorders such as specialised psychiatric hospitals and psycho-geriatric nursing homes.

Excludes: Designated psychiatric or psycho-geriatric units within hospitals (classified to general hospital services (COFOG-A 0731)); institutions providing psychiatric care as part of alcohol and drug treatment programs (classified to general hospital services (COFOG-A 0731)).

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