Communication (COFOG-A 045)

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Communication (COFOG-A 045) consists of government expenditure on communication. This category is further classified into:

  • communication (COFOG-A 0451).

Communication (COFOG-A 0451)


Communication (COFOG-A 0451) consists of:

  • the administration of affairs and services concerning construction, extension, improvement, operation and maintenance of communication systems (postal, telephone, telegraph, wireless and satellite communication systems);
  • the regulation of communication system operations (granting of franchises, assignment of frequencies, specification of markets to be served and tariffs to be charged, etc.);
  • the production and dissemination of general information, technical documentation and statistics on communication affairs and services; and
  • grants, loans or subsidies to support the construction, operation, maintenance or upgrading of communication systems.

Includes: Planning and designing communication systems.

Excludes: Radio and satellite navigation aids for water transport (classified to urban water transport passenger services (COFOG-A 1131), urban water transport freight services (COFOG-A 1132) or non-urban water transport services (COFOG-A 1133)) and air transport (classified to air transport (COFOG-A 1151)); radio and television broadcasting systems (classified to broadcasting services (COFOG-A 0831)).

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