Police services (COFOG-A 031)

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Police services (COFOG-A 031)


Police services (COFOG-A 031) consists of government expenditure on police services. This category is further classified into:

  • police services (COFOG-A 0311).

Police services (COFOG-A 0311)


Police services (COFOG-A 0311) consists of:

  • the administration of police affairs and services including alien registration, issuing work and travel documents to immigrants, maintenance of arrest records and statistics related to police work, road traffic regulation and control, prevention of smuggling and control of offshore and ocean fishing; and
  • the operation of regular and auxiliary police forces; operation of port, border and coast guards and of other special police forces maintained by public authorities; operation of police laboratories; operation or support of police training programs.

Includes: Traffic wardens; control of water traffic involving direct action by police.

Excludes: Police colleges offering general education in addition to police training (classified to preliminary and primary education (COFOG-A 091), secondary education (COFOG-A 092) or tertiary education (COFOG-A 093)).

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