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The main types of output available from the ABS GFS system are described below.

Preliminary - quarterly GFS


Quarterly statistics are primarily compiled to provide data about general government and public nonfinancial corporations for inclusion in the quarterly national accounts. The quarterly statistics are published in Government Finance Statistics, Australia, Quarterly (ABS Cat. no. 5519.0.55.001).

Final data - annual GFS


These statistics are the final data for a given year and are compiled from audited data sources. The annual statistics are published in Government Finance Statistics, Australia, Annual (ABS Cat. no. 5512.0).

Specialised topic output


Specialised topic output refers to statistics presented in single-topic publications. At the present time the ABS publish two specialised topic GFS publications, which relate to taxation revenue and education. These annual statistics are published in Taxation Revenue, Australia, (ABS Cat. no. 5506.0) and Government Finance Statistics, Education, Australia, (ABS Cat. no. 5518.0.55.001).

Time series


The ABS GFS system’s outputs (including specialised topic output) are generally stored as annual time series on the ABS website. Some GFS data are available back to 1961–62. However, due to the move of GFS from a cash basis of accounting to an accrual basis of accounting in 1998–99, earlier GFS data are not directly comparable.


The main GFS aggregates (on a national accounts basis) are available as a quarterly time series back to 1959-60.

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