9601 Private Households Employing Staff

Latest release
Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification (ANZSIC)
Reference period
2006 (Revision 2.0)

9601 Private Households Employing Staff

This class consists of units mainly engaged in employing workers on or about household premises in activities primarily concerned with the operation of the household. These units may employ individuals such as cooks, maids, nannies, butlers and chauffeurs, as well as outside workers such as gardeners, caretakers and other maintenance workers.

Primary activities

  • Household, private, employing
  • Private household employing domestic personnel
  • Private household employing staff


Units mainly engaged in:

  • cleaning building interiors, cleaning transportation equipment interiors and/or windows, and cleaning carpets, upholstery and rugs are included in Class 7311 Building and Other Industrial Cleaning Services; and
  • providing gardening services only (without also providing landscaping services) are included in Class 7313 Gardening Services.
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