9419 Other Automotive Repair and Maintenance

Latest release
Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification (ANZSIC)
Reference period
2006 (Revision 2.0)

9419 Other Automotive Repair and Maintenance

This class consists of units mainly engaged in providing a wide range of mechanical and repair and maintenance services for automotive vehicles. Included are units which specialise in the repair and maintenance of particular automotive components such as brakes, clutches, mufflers, transmissions, gearboxes and other parts. Also included are units providing automotive engine repair and replacement services (except factory replacement), and motorcycle repair and maintenance services.

Primary activities

  • Automotive conversion (including non-factory based engine reconditioning services and converting foreign cars from left to right-hand drive)
  • Automotive repair garage operation
  • Brake repair
  • Clutch repair
  • Cooling system and/or radiator repair (automotive)
  • Engine repair or reconditioning (automotive, except factory reconditioning)
  • Exhaust system or muffler repair (automotive)
  • Gearbox repair (automotive)
  • General automotive repair
  • Motorcycle or scooter repair
  • Muffler repair (automotive)
  • Trailer repair (boat or box)
  • Transmission repair (automotive)
  • Truck repair (automotive)


Units mainly engaged in:

  • repairing automotive radios, CD-players and other audio equipment are included in Class 9411 Automotive Electrical Services;
  • manufacturing automotive vehicles and trailers or customising those vehicles on an assembly-line basis (including ambulances and fire trucks) are included in the appropriate classes of Subdivisions 23 Transport Equipment Manufacturing and 24 Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing; and
  • providing factory reconditioning services for motors (i.e. changeover motors) are included in Class 2319 Other Motor Vehicle Parts Manufacturing.
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