6962 Management Advice and Related Consulting Services

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Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification (ANZSIC)
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2006 (Revision 2.0)

6962 Management Advice and Related Consulting Services

This class consists of units mainly engaged in providing management advice and related consulting services not elsewhere classified. This includes providing advice on business or personnel management policies or practices. Also included are units mainly engaged in managing public figures such as entertainers.

Primary activities

  • Agricultural management consulting service
  • Artist, entertainer or other public figures management service
  • Business management service
  • Efficiency advisory service
  • Environmental consulting service
  • Environmental sustainability assessments
  • Forestry management consulting service
  • Management consulting service
  • Merchandising consulting service
  • Operations research service (commercial)
  • Personnel management consulting service
  • Sales advisory service
  • Tariff consulting service
  • Tourism development consulting service


Units mainly engaged in

  • providing data processing services are included in Class 5921 Data Processing and Web Hosting Services;
  • holding the securities of (or other equity interests in) companies and enterprises are included in the appropriate classes of Division K Financial and Insurance Services;
  • listing employment vacancies or referring or placing applicants for employment, or executive placement services (except consulting), are included in Class 7211 Employment Placement and Recruitment Services;
  • providing computer hardware or software consulting services are included in Class 7000 Computer System Design and Related Services.
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