5700 Internet Publishing and Broadcasting

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Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification (ANZSIC)
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2006 (Revision 2.0)

5700 Internet Publishing and Broadcasting

This class consists of units mainly engaged in publishing and/or broadcasting content on the internet. Units in this class provide textual, audio and/or video content of general or specific interest on the internet. These units do not provide traditional (non-internet) versions of the content they publish or broadcast.

Primary activities

  • Internet art print publishing
  • Internet atlas publishing
  • Internet audio broadcasting
  • Internet book publishing
  • Internet directory publishing
  • Internet encyclopaedia and dictionary publishing
  • Internet greeting card publishing
  • Internet journal publishing
  • Internet magazine publishing
  • Internet news publishing
  • Internet periodical publishing
  • Internet video broadcasting


Units mainly engaged in

  • providing internet access and operating web search portals (search engines) are included in Class 5910 Internet Service Providers and Web Search Portals;
  • providing internet streaming services are included in Class 5921 Data Processing and Web Hosting Services;
  • publishing newspapers, periodicals, books and other information products using traditional methods (e.g. print) as well as the internet are included in the appropriate classes of Subdivision 54 Publishing (except Internet and Music Publishing) according to the type of product published; and
  • operating units of stock brokerages, travel reservation systems, purchasing services, and similar activities using the internet rather than traditional methods are included in classes according to their primary activity.
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