3109 Other Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction

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Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification (ANZSIC)
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2006 (Revision 2.0)

3109 Other Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction

This class consists of units mainly engaged in the construction of railway permanent way, dams, irrigation systems, harbour or river works, water or gas supply systems, oil refineries (except buildings), pipelines or construction projects not elsewhere classified, in the on-site assembly of furnaces or heavy electrical machinery from prefabricated components, or in the general repair of such structures, machinery or equipment, or in organising or managing these activities.

Primary activities

  • Breakwater construction
  • Cable laying
  • Canal construction
  • Dam construction
  • Distribution line, electricity or communication, construction
  • Dredging (harbours or rivers)
  • Electrical machinery, heavy, installation (on-site assembly)
  • Electricity power plant construction (except buildings)
  • Flood control system construction
  • Furnace construction (for industrial plants from prefabricated components)
  • Golf course construction
  • Harbour work construction (except buildings)
  • Irrigation system construction
  • Jetty construction
  • Lake construction
  • Mine site construction n.e.c.
  • Oil refinery construction (except buildings)
  • Pile driving
  • Pipeline construction
  • Railway permanent way construction
  • River work construction
  • Sewage or stormwater drainage system construction
  • Sewage treatment plant construction
  • Sports field construction
  • Swimming pool, below ground concrete or fibreglass, construction
  • Television or radio transmitting tower construction
  • Tunnel construction
  • Water filtration plant construction
  • Water tank construction (except for structural steel)


Units mainly engaged in

  • the erection or installation (including on-site fabrication) of metal silos or storage tanks are included in Class 3224 Structural Steel Erection Services;
  • the installation of hot water systems are included in Class 3231 Plumbing Services; and
  • providing special trade repair services or in undertaking special trade construction of component parts for canals, dams, etc (e.g. in constructing stone retaining walls only or in constructing or repairing fences only) are generally included in the appropriate classes of Subdivision 32 Construction Services.
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