2499 Other Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing n.e.c.

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Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification (ANZSIC)
Reference period
2006 (Revision 2.0)

2499 Other Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing n.e.c.

This class consists of units mainly engaged in manufacturing machinery and equipment or parts for such equipment not elsewhere classified.

Primary activities

  • Bearing manufacturing
  • Diesel engine manufacturing n.e.c.
  • Engine, internal combustion, manufacturing n.e.c.
  • Fan, industrial, manufacturing
  • Filter, internal combustion engine, manufacturing
  • Furnace, industrial, manufacturing (except electric furnaces or space heaters)
  • Gas burner, industrial, manufacturing
  • Generator, gas, manufacturing
  • Hydraulic cylinder manufacturing
  • Machinery or equipment manufacturing n.e.c.
  • Marine engine manufacturing (except diesel inboard engines 37kW brake power and over)
  • Marine jet unit manufacturing
  • Oil burner, industrial, manufacturing
  • Outboard motor manufacturing
  • Oven, industrial, manufacturing (except electric)
  • Pressure gauge manufacturing
  • Press, mechanical, manual or hydraulic, manufacturing n.e.c.
  • Sporting machinery manufacturing n.e.c.
  • Vending machine manufacturing (except refrigerated)
  • Water treatment equipment, commercial, manufacturing
  • Weighing machinery manufacturing (except electronic)
  • Wire working machinery manufacturing


Units mainly engaged in

  • repairing industrial machinery and equipment are included in Class 9429 Other Machinery and Equipment Repair and Maintenance;
  • manufacturing motor vehicle engines (including diesel engines) are included in Class 2311 Motor Vehicle Manufacturing;
  • manufacturing air conditioning, space heating or refrigeration equipment (including refrigerated vending machines) are included in Class 2452 Fixed Space Heating, Cooling and Ventilation Equipment Manufacturing;
  • manufacturing electronic computers or electronic office or business machines are included in Class 2421 Computer and Electronic Office Equipment Manufacturing; and
  • manufacturing appliances, including domestic appliances such as ovens, are included in the appropriate classes of Group 244 Domestic Appliance Manufacturing.
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