2469 Other Specialised Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing

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Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification (ANZSIC)
Reference period
2006 (Revision 2.0)

2469 Other Specialised Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing

This class consists of units mainly engaged in manufacturing specialised machinery and equipment not elsewhere classified or parts for such equipment not elsewhere classified.

Primary activities

  • Amusement machine manufacturing
  • Bakery machinery manufacturing
  • Bottling machine, food or drink, manufacturing
  • Can making or sealing machinery manufacturing (food or drink processing)
  • Canning machinery, food or drink, manufacturing
  • Carnival or fairground equipment, mechanical, manufacturing
  • Cement making machinery manufacturing
  • Chemical processing machinery manufacturing
  • Crushing machinery manufacturing (food processing)
  • Distilling equipment, beverage, manufacturing
  • Dry-cleaning machinery manufacturing
  • Filter manufacturing (food processing machinery)
  • Flour milling machinery manufacturing
  • Food packing machinery manufacturing
  • Food processing machinery, commercial, manufacturing
  • Ironing or pressing machinery, industrial, manufacturing
  • Juice extractor, fruit or vegetable, commercial, manufacturing
  • Knitting machine, industrial, manufacturing
  • Laundry machinery, industrial, manufacturing
  • Moulding machine manufacturing n.e.c.
  • Paper making machinery or equipment manufacturing
  • Printing machinery or equipment manufacturing
  • Sewing machine, industrial, manufacturing
  • Slicing machinery, food, manufacturing
  • Specialised machinery and equipment manufacturing n.e.c.
  • Textile working machinery manufacturing
  • Toaster, commercial electric, manufacturing
  • Tyre retreading or repairing machinery manufacturing
  • Vacuum cleaner, commercial, manufacturing


Units mainly engaged in

  • repairing specialised machinery and equipment are included in Class 9429 Other Machinery and Equipment Repair and Maintenance;
  • manufacturing domestic appliances are included in the appropriate classes in Group 244 Domestic Appliance Manufacturing;
  • manufacturing woodworking or metal working machinery or equipment are included in Class 2463 Machine Tool and Parts Manufacturing; and
  • manufacturing industrial machinery and equipment used in a wide range of industries are included in Class 2499 Other Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing n.e.c.
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