2299 Other Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing n.e.c.

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Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification (ANZSIC)
Reference period
2006 (Revision 2.0)

2299 Other Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing n.e.c.

This class consists of units mainly engaged in manufacturing hand tools (except of wood, pneumatic or power operated), general hardware and other fabricated metal products not elsewhere classified.

Primary activities

  • Ammunition manufacturing
  • Awning or blind, metal, manufacturing (including aluminium)
  • Bathroom or toilet fittings, metal, manufacturing
  • Blow torch manufacturing
  • Bottle or can opener manufacturing (except power operated)
  • Button, metal, manufacturing
  • Clothes hoist manufacturing
  • Coupling, metal, manufacturing
  • Cutlery manufacturing (except of solid silver or gold)
  • Door handle, metal, manufacturing
  • Drilling bit manufacturing (except twist drills)
  • Fabricated metal product manufacturing n.e.c.
  • Fire sprinkler manufacturing
  • Firearm manufacturing
  • Fittings, steam, gas or water, manufacturing (non-ferrous metal)
  • Garden tool manufacturing (except power operated)
  • Grease gun manufacturing (except pneumatic or power operated)
  • Hand tool manufacturing (except pneumatic or power operated)
  • Handbag frame, metal, manufacturing
  • Key manufacturing
  • Knife blank manufacturing
  • Knife, hand held, manufacturing (except power operated)
  • Livestock yarding equipment, metal, manufacturing
  • Lock manufacturing
  • Machine knife or blades manufacturing
  • Mast, aluminium, manufacturing
  • Mattress support, woven wire, link mesh or wire spring, manufacturing (except upholstered)
  • Pipe coil manufacturing
  • Pipe fittings, non-ferrous metal, manufacturing
  • Platework n.e.c.
  • Razor or razor blade manufacturing (except power operated)
  • Scissor manufacturing (except electric)
  • Screwdriver manufacturing (including bits or blades; except pneumatic or power operated)
  • Soldering iron manufacturing (except power operated)
  • Sprocket chain manufacturing
  • Steel wool manufacturing
  • Tackle block, metal, manufacturing
  • Tube fittings, non-ferrous metal, manufacturing
  • Tubing, flexible metal, manufacturing
  • Turnstile, metal, manufacturing
  • Valve or valve parts, steam, gas or water, manufacturing (non-ferrous metal)
  • Vice, bench, manufacturing


Units mainly engaged in

  • manufacturing propellant powder and percussion caps for ammunition are in Class 1892 Explosive Manufacturing;
  • manufacturing wooden tools handles are included in Class 1499 Other Wood Product Manufacturing n.e.c.;
  • manufacturing electrical welding or soldering equipment are included in Class 2439 Other Electrical Equipment Manufacturing;
  • manufacturing pneumatic or power operated hand tools are included in Class 2463 Machine Tool and Parts Manufacturing;
  • manufacturing gas or water meters are included in Class 2419 Other Professional and Scientific Equipment Manufacturing;
  • manufacturing metal cabinets and other metal furniture are included in Class 2512 Metal Furniture Manufacturing; and
  • manufacturing barbecues are included in Class 2441 Whiteware Appliance Manufacturing.
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