2221 Structural Steel Fabricating

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Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification (ANZSIC)
Reference period
2006 (Revision 2.0)

2221 Structural Steel Fabricating

This class consists of units mainly engaged in fabricating structural steel components of buildings or other structures.

Primary activities

  • Fabricated structural steel manufacturing (ready-made parts for structures)
  • Girder, prefabricated steel, manufacturing
  • Joist, prefabricated steel, manufacturing
  • Prefabricated structural steel parts manufacturing
  • Rafter, prefabricated steel, manufacturing
  • Reinforcing mesh, welded steel, manufacturing
  • Reinforcing steel rod, processed, manufacturing (from wire bar or merchant bar)
  • Roof truss, prefabricated steel, manufacturing
  • Scaffolding, prefabricated steel, manufacturing
  • Steel plate, perforated, manufacturing


Units mainly engaged in

  • the manufacture of complete steel-framed and clad structures such as prefabricated sheds and garages are included in Class 2222 Prefabricated Metal Building Manufacturing;
  • the erection or installation of completely prefabricated buildings (including buildings prefabricated off-site to a substantially complete state) are included in Division E Construction;
  • the construction (including on-site assembly) of complete pipelines or steel towers are included in Class 3109 Other Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction; and
  • the erection or installation (including on-site fabrication) of structural steel components for buildings or other structures are included in Class 3224 Structural Steel Erection Services.
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