1841 Human Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Product Manufacturing

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Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification (ANZSIC)
Reference period
2006 (Revision 2.0)

1841 Human Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Product Manufacturing

This class consists of units mainly engaged in manufacturing pharmaceutical and medicinal products for human use from both natural (plants) and synthetic sources (chemicals). This class also consists of units mainly engaged in manufacturing diagnostic substances for antibodies, antigens and chemical/diagnostic testing agents.

Primary activities

  • Ampoule manufacturing
  • Analgesic manufacturing
  • Anthelmintic manufacturing
  • Antibacterial manufacturing
  • Antibiotic manufacturing
  • Antibody manufacturing
  • Antigen manufacturing
  • Antitoxin manufacturing
  • Biotechnological manufacture of pharmaceutical and medicinal products
  • Blood serum manufacturing
  • Contraceptive, medicinal, manufacturing (except rubber contraceptives)
  • Diagnostic substance manufacturing
  • Drug manufacturing (except veterinary)
  • Herbal drug manufacturing
  • Hormone manufacturing (except veterinary)
  • Medicinal capsule manufacturing
  • Medicinal chemical manufacturing
  • Medicinal ointment manufacturing
  • Medicine manufacturing (except veterinary)
  • Morphine manufacturing
  • Saccharin manufacturing
  • Serum manufacturing
  • Vaccine manufacturing (except veterinary)
  • Vial manufacturing
  • Vitamin product manufacturing


Units mainly engaged in

  • manufacturing sanitary paper-based products from paper or cellulose wadding, such as disposable paper nappies, sanitary napkins, tampons and other sanitary paper-based products n.e.c. are included in Class 1524 Sanitary Paper Product Manufacturing;
  • manufacturing ether are included in Class 1812 Basic Organic Chemical Manufacturing;
  • manufacturing medicinal gas are included in Class 1811 Industrial Gas Manufacturing;
  • manufacturing animal dips and sprays, blowfly specifics or other pesticides are included in Class 1832 Pesticide Manufacturing;
  • packaging and labelling of pharmaceutical and medical products on fee or contract are included in Class 7320 Packaging Services; and
  • manufacturing scientific or diagnostic equipment are included in Class 2412 Medical and Surgical Equipment Manufacturing.
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