1171 Bread Manufacturing (Factory based)

Latest release
Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification (ANZSIC)
Reference period
2006 (Revision 2.0)

1171 Bread Manufacturing (Factory based)

This class consists of units mainly engaged in manufacturing leavened and unleavened bread from factory based premises. Units mainly engaged in manufacturing bread dough (either fresh or frozen), breadcrumbs, or baking bread from home are also included.

Primary activities

  • Bagel manufacturing (factory based)
  • Bread bakery operation (factory based)
  • Bread dough, frozen, manufacturing (factory based)
  • Bread roll manufacturing (factory based)
  • Bread, leavened or unleavened, manufacturing (factory based)
  • Breadcrumb manufacturing (factory based)
  • English muffin manufacturing (factory based)
  • Fruit loaf manufacturing (factory based)
  • Panini manufacturing (factory based)
  • Pita bread


Units mainly engaged in

  • manufacturing cakes and pastries from factory based premises are included in Class 1172 Cake and Pastry Manufacturing (Factory based);
  • manufacturing bread and selling directly to consumers from the same premises are included in Class 1174 Bakery Product Manufacturing (Non-factory based); and
  • retailing bakery products not manufactured on the same premises are included in Class 4129 Other Specialised Food Retailing.
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