1140 Fruit and Vegetable Processing

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Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification (ANZSIC)
Reference period
2006 (Revision 2.0)

1140 Fruit and Vegetable Processing

This class consists of units mainly engaged in manufacturing canned, bottled, preserved, quick frozen or dried fruit (except sun-dried) and vegetable products. Also included are units mainly engaged in manufacturing dehydrated vegetable products, soups, sauces, pickles and mixed meat and vegetable products.

Primary activities

  • Baby food, canned or bottled, manufacturing (except milk based)
  • Baked bean manufacturing
  • Bean/legume, dried or canned, manufacturing
  • Chutney or relish manufacturing
  • Coconut, desiccated, manufacturing
  • Fruit dehydrating or drying (except sun drying) manufacturing
  • Fruit juice, 100 percent pure or concentrated, manufacturing
  • Fruit pulp, puree or spread manufacturing
  • Fruit salad manufacturing
  • Fruit, frozen, manufacturing
  • Fruit, preserved, manufacturing (including canned or bottled)
  • Grape crushing
  • Jam manufacturing (including conserves, jellies or fruit spreads)
  • Mixed meat and vegetable manufacturing
  • Rice preparation, canned, manufacturing
  • Sauce manufacturing (except Worcestershire sauce)
  • Spaghetti, canned, manufacturing
  • Vegetable juice or soup manufacturing
  • Vegetable salad manufacturing
  • Vegetable soup manufacturing
  • Vegetable, frozen, manufacturing
  • Vegetable, preserved, manufacturing (including canned, dehydrated, dried or quick frozen)
  • Vinegar manufacturing (except wine vinegar)


    Units mainly engaged in

    • manufacturing potato crisps or corn chips are included in Class 1191 Potato, Corn and Other Crisp Manufacturing;
    • manufacturing fruit drinks, less than 100 percent pure or concentrated, are included in Class 1211 Soft Drink, Cordial and Syrup Manufacturing;
    • manufacturing wine vinegar are included in Class 1214 Wine and Other Alcoholic Beverage Manufacturing;
    • manufacturing Worcestershire sauce are included in Class 1199 Other Food Product Manufacturing n.e.c.;
    • packing fresh fruit are included in 7320 Packaging Services;
    • manufacturing milk-based infant formula and food are included in Class 1133 Cheese and Other Dairy Product Manufacturing; and
    • sun drying fruit are included in the appropriate classes of Group 013 Fruit and Tree Nut Growing.
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