1120 Seafood Processing

Latest release
Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification (ANZSIC)
Reference period
2006 (Revision 2.0)

1120 Seafood Processing

This class consists of units mainly engaged in processing fish or other seafoods. Processes include skinning or shelling, grading, filleting, boning, crumbing, battering and freezing of the seafood. This class also includes units mainly engaged in operating vessels which gather and process fish or other seafoods.

Primary activities

  • Crustacean, processed, manufacturing (including cooked and/or frozen) n.e.c.
  • Fish cleaning or filleting
  • Fish fillet manufacturing
  • Fish loaf or cake manufacturing
  • Fish paste manufacturing
  • Fish pate manufacturing
  • Fish, canned, manufacturing
  • Fish, dried or smoked, manufacturing
  • Mollusc, processed, manufacturing (including shelled)
  • Oyster, shelling, freezing or bottling in brine
  • Scallop, preserved, manufacturing
  • Seafood, canned, manufacturing
  • Seafood, preserved, manufacturing
  • Whole fin fish freezing


Units mainly engaged in gathering fish or other seafoods are included in the appropriate classes of Group 041 Fishing.

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