1111 Meat Processing

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Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification (ANZSIC)
Reference period
2006 (Revision 2.0)

1111 Meat Processing

This class consists of units mainly engaged in slaughtering animals (except poultry), boning, freezing, preserving or packing meat (except poultry) or canning meat (except poultry, seafood, bacon, ham and corned meat). Units mainly engaged in manufacturing meat from abattoir by-products (except from products of poultry slaughtering) and rendering lard or tallow are also included.

Primary activities

  • Abattoir operation (except poultry)
  • Animal meat packing and freezing
  • Animal oil or fat, unrefined, manufacturing
  • Lard or tallow rendering
  • Meat extract or essence manufacturing
  • Meat manufacturing (except bacon, ham and poultry)
  • Meat or bone meal manufacturing (except fish or poultry meal)
  • Meat packing (except poultry)
  • Meat, canned, manufacturing (except poultry, bacon, ham and corned meat)
  • Meat, dehydrated, manufacturing (except poultry)
  • Meat, frozen, manufacturing (except poultry)


    Units mainly engaged in

    • slaughtering, dressing, processing and packing poultry are included in Class 1112 Poultry Processing;
    • manufacturing or canning cured meats are included in Class 1113 Cured Meat and Smallgoods Manufacturing; and
    • manufacturing refined animal oils or fats are included in Class 1150 Oil and Fat Manufacturing.
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