0919 Other Construction Material Mining

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Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification (ANZSIC)
Reference period
2006 (Revision 2.0)

0919 Other Construction Material Mining

This class consists of units mainly engaged in quarrying, crushing or screening crushed or broken stone or in quarrying dimension stone or construction materials not elsewhere classified. This class also includes the quarrying of clay, marble, granite, limestone, slate or dolomite for use as a manufacturing input.

Primary activities

  • Aggregate quarrying
  • Bentonite quarrying
  • Blue metal stone quarrying
  • Brick shale quarrying
  • Building stone quarrying
  • Cement clay quarrying
  • Chalk quarrying
  • Clay quarrying
  • Construction material crushing or screening
  • Dimension stone quarrying
  • Earth, soil, or filling quarrying
  • Fullers earth quarrying
  • Granite quarrying
  • Limestone quarrying
  • Marble quarrying
  • Road fill quarrying
  • Sandstone quarrying
  • Slate quarrying
  • Stone quarrying
  • Tile clay quarrying


Units mainly engaged in

  • quarrying river gravel are included in Class 0911 Gravel and Sand Quarrying;
  • manufacture, within the same unit, of non-metallic mineral products (such as brick, glass, cement, slate paving, cut and polished ornamental stone) are included in the appropriate classes of Division C Manufacturing; and
  • incidental quarrying of earth soil or filling carried out by a contractor at a construction site are included in the appropriate classes of Division E Construction.
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