0123 Vegetable Growing (Outdoors)

Latest release
Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification (ANZSIC)
Reference period
2006 (Revision 2.0)

0123 Vegetable Growing (Outdoors)

This class consists of units mainly engaged in growing vegetable crops outdoors in open fields. Units mainly engaged in growing fresh herbs, melons, and tomatoes (outdoors) are also included in this class.

Primary activities

  • Asparagus growing (outdoors)
  • Bean growing (outdoors; except dry field beans or soybeans)
  • Carrot growing (outdoors)
  • Garlic growing (outdoors)
  • Herb growing (outdoors)
  • Kumara growing (outdoors)
  • Melon growing (outdoors)
  • Onion growing (outdoors)
  • Pea growing (outdoors; except dry field peas)
  • Potato growing (outdoors)
  • Sugar beet growing (outdoors)
  • Sweetcorn growing (outdoors)
  • Tomato growing (outdoors)
  • Truffle growing (outdoors)
  • Vegetable growing n.e.c. (outdoors)
  • Vegetable seed growing (outdoors)


Units mainly engaged in

  • growing cultivated mushrooms are included in Class 0121 Mushroom Growing;
  • growing vegetables under cover are included in Class 0122 Vegetable Growing (Under Cover); and
  • growing dry field peas, beans or soybeans are included in Class 0149 Other Grain Growing.
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