Submitting data files to the ABS

These instructions are for businesses and organisations that have special arrangements with the ABS to upload data files, rather than or in addition to filling in a survey form. If you are completing a survey form, please visit the ABS Survey Account.

How do I submit my data files?

The first time, you will need to create an ABS Survey Account, and then follow the steps to submit your files. Start at Step 1.

Next time,

  • if you are regularly submitting data for the same survey or collection, log into the Account you set up. Your survey will be in your Account ready for you to submit your files. Start at Step 5.
  • if you are submitting data for a different survey or collection for the first time, log into the Account you set up, and go through to submit your data. Start at Step 3.

Creating an ABS survey account

Step 1

Step 2

Logging into and using your ABS survey account

Step 3

Step 4

Contact details for your data files

Step 5

The informatica file transfer portal

Step 6

Preparing your files for upload

Step 7 - Important!

Uploading your files

Step 8

Deleting a file

Submission receipt

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