Submitting data files to the ABS

These instructions are for businesses and organisations that have special arrangements with the ABS to upload data files, rather than or in addition to filling in a survey form. If you are completing a survey form, please visit the ABS Survey Account.

How do I submit my data files?

The first time, you will need to create an ABS Survey Account, and then follow the steps to submit your files. Start at Step 1.

Next time,

  • if you are regularly submitting data for the same survey or collection, log into the Account you set up. Your survey will be in your Account ready for you to submit your files. Start at Step 5.
  • if you are submitting data for a different survey or collection for the first time, log into the Account you set up, and go through to submit your data. Start at Step 3.

Creating an ABS survey account

Step 1

a) To create an ABS Survey Account, go to
b) Select 'Continue'
c) Select 'Create' under 'Create your Account'
d) In the 'Email address' field, use an email address within your organisation that is monitored regularly. We will use this to communicate with you.
e) In the 'Name' field, provide the name of the person in your organisation who is best placed to answer questions we may have about your submitted data.

Screen shot of step 1 instructions

Step 2

To validate and complete the creation of your ABS Survey Account
a) Check your email account for a Survey Account Request email from the ABS containing a Security Key.
b) Enter the six-digit Security Key and select 'Next'.

Screen shot of step 2 instructions

c) This completes the creation of your ABS Survey Account. Select 'Next' to access it.

Logging into and using your ABS survey account

Step 3

a) Once you have created your ABS Survey Account, go to the login page
b) Enter the email address and password you used to create your Account, and select 'Log in'.
c) You will now see your ABS Survey Account home page. This is where you will create the link to upload your data files.

Screen shot of step 3 instructions

Step 4

a) To create your link, enter your unique Form Access Code, which has been emailed to you. It is made up of 8 alpha-numeric characters.
b) Then select 'Add form'.
c) Your link will be added to the 'My data submissions' table below on your ABS Survey Account homepage.

Screen shot of step 4 instructions

Step 5

To submit your data files, select 'Start' or 'Resume'. This will take you to the Informatica File Transfer Portal.

Screen shot of step 5 instructions.

Contact details for your data files

Step 6

a) Please verify your contact details and make changes if any are incorrect. You will only be prompted to complete this once, and you can also update these details later in your 'Account settings'.
b) Under Communication Preferences, please opt in for email so we can communicate with you in a timely manner.

Screen shot of step 6

c) Confirm your business details, and select 'Save'. You will only be prompted to complete this once.

Screen shot of confirm your business details and select save step.

The informatica file transfer portal

Step 7

a) You are now ready to submit your data files to us. The Informatica File Transfer Portal opens in a separate tab or window. It allows you to securely submit data files.
b) Select 'Secure Folders'.

Screen shot of step 7

c) Select the 'Send_to_ABS' folder.

Preparing your files for upload

Step 8 - Important!

When uploading your data files, it is very important that they are named clearly so we can see who they are from. Each survey has different requirements.

If your data submission is not related to one of the surveys listed below, please name your file/s by following the instructions in the email we sent you.

If you are submitting files for the,

  • Agricultural Census,
  • Economic Activity Survey,
  • Rural Economic Activity Survey,
  • Survey of Average Weekly Earnings, or
  • Survey of Job Vacancies,

please use the following format when naming your files before uploading to the Portal.

  • You will have received an Excel file in the email we sent you. Your Excel file is uniquely named. Please use this name when submitting your file to us, including if you are submitting another file type.
  • If you are submitting multiple files to us, please use your file's unique name and a number.
Number of filesName of your file/sExamples
One fileYour_File's_Unique_Name.file_extension1234567890.xlsx
Two or more filesYour_File's_Unique_Name.Number.file_extension1234567890.1.xlsx


Uploading your files

Step 9

a) There are two ways you can upload your files:

Select 'Upload' and browse for the file from your system, and attach it.

Screen shot of step 9 (a)

Or, drag the file from your system and drop the file into the 'Send_to_ABS' folder you have open.

Screen shot of drag the file from your system and drop the file into the 'Send_to_ABS' folder step

b) Once your file is successfully uploaded, an 'Upload Complete' message will show on the screen.
c) To check the upload was successful select 'Show Details'.

Screen shot of steps (b) and (c)

Deleting a file

There is a window of up to five minutes to delete a file from the time of uploading it, if you notice that you have uploaded the wrong file.
If you need to delete a file:
a) Select the check box next to the file
b) Select the delete button.

Screen shot of deleting a file steps (a) and (b)

Submission receipt

If you would like a Submission Receipt for your file upload:
a) Select 'Home'.

Screen shot of selecting home on a submission receipt.

b) Select the 'Receive_from_ABS' folder.
c) Select the file for which you would like a Submission Receipt.
d) Your Submission Receipt will appear on the screen.
e) Your submission receipt will stay here for 48 hours. If you require a permanent receipt, please download a copy.

Thank you! We acknowledge and value your time and effort participating in our surveys.
It is only with the support of people like you that we can continue to produce the statistics that inform Australia's important decisions.

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