ABS Media Statements

ABS statement on arrivals and departures data (30/06/2021)

ABS statement in response to media coverage of NSW Transport Asset Holding Entity (TAHE) (02/06/2021)

ABS Statement on sex and gender questions and the 2021 Census (15/05/2021)

2021 Census questions and date announced (18/06/2020)

Australian Statistician launches new analytical series (15/06/2020)

New mortality statistics and other information to measure COVID-19 impacts (27/05/2020)

ABS exploring new data sources to inform official statistics in response to COVID-19 (22/05/2020)

Contracts finalised for the production and distribution of the 2021 Census paper form (14/05/2020)

Statistical work program changes in response to COVID-19 (22/04/2020)

ATO-ABS partnership delivers COVID-19 jobs statistics (20/04/2020)

New Australian labour market information (14/04/2020)

Further ABS information to measure coronavirus impacts (31/03/2020)

Additional ABS products to help measure the economic impact of the coronavirus (16/03/2020)

ABS Media Statement on sexual orientation and gender identity questions and the 2021 Census (04/12/2019)

ABS Media Statements - ANZSCO skill level refresh (07/11/2019)

ABS Media Statements - Clarification on ABS financial position (16/10/2019)

ABS Statement on selection of topics for 2019 Census Test and 2021 Census (06/10/2019)

ABS response to article in The Guardian (28/08/19)

ABS Media Statements - 2021 Census procurement article (22/05/2019)

ABS response to TableBuilder article (10/04/2019)

Response to criticism of ABS TableBuilder tool (01/03/2019)

ABS response to articles about potential vulnerability in ABS TableBuilder tool (25/02/2019)

ANZSCO classifications (14/08/2018)

Response to reports about use of aggregate level telco data (26/04/2018)

Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey (10/08/2017)

ABS mourns loss of Roozi Araghi (26/10/2016)

Senate Inquiry Opening Statement (25/10/2016)

Incoming Labour Force rotation group in Queensland (20/10/2016)

Senate Estimates Opening Statement (20/10/2016)

ABS Forward Work Program (13/10/2016)

Interpreting ABS First Home Buyer Statistics (11/10/16)

Changes to First Home Buyers statistics - under-reporting of the number of first home buyers by financial institutions, (07/10/16)

Response to FOI request by Paul Farrell (The Guardian), (23/09/16)

Post Enumeration Survey (22/09/2016)

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