Known Issues with the ABS.Stat Beta release

An upgrade to the latest version of ABS.Stat is in development and will be available soon.

There are known issues with the current version of ABS.Stat which we aim to resolve with the next upgrade.

Display issues in some web browsers

Many tables in ABS.Stat will not display correctly in some web browsers including Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Labels on the left of the table will overlap and be illegible.
We recommend viewing ABS.Stat in Internet Explorer or Firefox browsers. Alternatively you can fix this display issue by clicking Customise -> Layout -> View Data.


  • The date and time stamp is in GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).
  • ABS.Stat currently times out after 20 minutes of inactivity. You will need to refresh your browser, however you will then lose any selections and layout changes you have made.

  • Long column labels do not wrap, making it hard to read compressed descriptions.
  • Dimension hierarchies display incorrectly in the Customise Selection window if you choose to view ‘All Dimensions.’ The hierarchy will display correctly elsewhere in ABS.Stat table and any exports.
  • The button to sort columns in ascending or descending order will not toggle off if the ‘Hide empty rows’ option is checked under ‘Customise -> Table options’Large column labels do not wrap, making it hard to read compressed descriptions.

Product Limitations
  • There is no facility to save queries.
  • Does not include Australian financial year data or any quarterly data with reference periods other than the standard March, June, September and December quarters, for example, detailed quarterly Labour Force data which are issued in February, May, August and November.
  • As we do not load new datasets or update dataset series immediately following the 11:30am release, data may not necessarily be the most up to date. You should check the ABS website ( for the latest data and we will continue to load new datasets and update dataset series, as soon as possible after the embargo (11.30 am.) is lifted on the day the data is released.
  • It is not possible to print data directly from the browser in ABS.Stat. Printing is available by exporting to Excel.

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