What is ABS.Stat Beta?

ABS.Stat Beta is an interactive free online tool that presents data in a searchable, flexible and dynamic way.

ABS.Stat provides you with two options:

  • A web browser interface where you can view, query and download data; and
  • Web services providing data in a machine-processable format using the Statistical Data and Metadata Standard (SDMX) allowing machine-to-machine mechanisms for accessing and sharing ABS data

The ABS.Stat web browser interface allows you to:
  • Search and discover ABS statistics
  • Query, view and download data - choose pre-packaged data or customise data to your own requirements
  • View valuable metadata alongside the data
  • Export data in a range of formats such as Excel and CSV as well as SDMX.

The ABS.Stat web services allow for the exchange of data between computer systems (the machine-to-machine services) facilitating the sharing of data through a programmatic interface across the internet. Three services are provided:
  • Developer API - a RESTful API providing data in SDMX-JSON format
  • SDMX-XML API - a RESTful API providing data in SDMX-ML format
  • SDMX Web Service - a SOAP service providing data in SDMX-ML format

Full 'User Assistance' for both the web browser and web services is available from the top right hand navigation bar.

Selected datasets are loaded as soon as possible after their 11:30am release on the ABS website. However, data in the ABS.Stat beta release may not necessarily be the most up to date. You are advised to check the ABS website (www.abs.gov.au) for the latest data. We have created an ABS.Stat release calendar which provides expected dataset release and update information.

ABS.Stat uses software which has been jointly developed by a consortium of organisations including the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Statistics New Zealand and others.

Access ABS.Stat Beta today and tell us what you think!

Why a beta release?

ABS.Stat Beta release allows users to try ABS.Stat and provide feedback, recognising there is still work to be done on enhancing the tool as it is in development and we know there are still some issues to resolve. We have compiled a list of issues identified so far and are working to rectify these.

This beta version does not include Australian financial year data or any quarterly data with reference periods other than the standard March, June, September and December quarters, for example, detailed quarterly Labour Force data which are issued in February, May, August and November.

Future versions of ABS.Stat will include financial year and all quarterly datasets along with delivery of the latest data with embargo controls similar to the ABS website.

If you find further issues please email us at abs.stat@abs.gov.au. We also invite you to provide your feedback on the overall design, content and usability of ABS.Stat via the 'feedback form' found in the' getting started' box. The ABS appreciates your input - it will help us as we further enhance the product.

Why is the ABS developing ABS.Stat Beta?

ABS.Stat aims to improve access to multidimensional, aggregated ABS data. It is being developed in response to user demand for more powerful and flexible tools for research and data exchange. It will meet the needs of large data consumers (including, international organisations, Australian government and value added re-sellers) as well as providing a user interface for all users of ABS data.

Where can I find help using ABS.Stat Beta?

ABS.Stat User Assistance Material can be accessed from the left hand navigation bar. View our suite of Online Video Tutorials, Frequently Asked Questions and User Guides for both the ABS.Stat Web Browser and the SDMX Web Services.

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