What's new in statistical geography

The ABS Geospatial Roadmap is our strategy for unlocking more value from ABS geospatially enabled statistics, technologies, and capabilities for the next four years.

A wide range of interactive statistical maps allow users to examine particular topics of interest - ABS Interactive Maps.

ASGS Edition 3 Remoteness Structure is now available. This is the final major update to ASGS Edition 3 (associated with the 2021 Census) with minor annual releases for non-ABS structures remaining.

ABS maps is an online mapping tool to view and compare all ASGS statistical boundaries. 

A full set of historical ASGC and ASGS boundaries, geographic correspondences, and coding indexes are now available on the ABS Geospatial Solutions page through data.gov.au.

The Australian Population Grid models residential population estimates on 1 km squared grid cells across Australia. Interactive maps and datasets can be found in the regional population publication.

Get ASGS boundaries as a web service via the latest ASGS release

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