Microdata: Smoker Status

Presents pooled data about smoking from multiple household surveys including the National Health Survey

Using Datalab

In 2020–21, the National Health Survey (NHS), General Social Survey (GSS), Survey of Income and Housing (SIH), Time Use Survey (TUS) and the National Study of Mental Health and Wellbeing (NSMHW) collected a standard set of information that was pooled to produce the Smoker Status dataset. This data can be accessed using DataLab.

Smoking data has previously been pooled from the 2017-18 NHS and the 2017-18 SIH. This data can also be accessed using DataLab however due to changes in methodology and content, comparisons over time are not recommended.

The DataLab environment allows real time access to detailed microdata from the Smoker Status pooled dataset.

The DataLab is an interactive data analysis solution available for users to run advanced statistical analyses, for example, multiple regressions and structural equation modelling. The DataLab environment contains up-to-date versions of SPSS, Stata, SAS and R analytical languages. Controls in the DataLab have been put in place to protect the identification of individuals and organisations. All output from DataLab sessions is cleared by an ABS officer before it is released.

For more information, including prerequisites for DataLab access, please see the About DataLab page.

Available data items

Data items include:

  • Demographics, such as Age, Sex, Country of Birth, Main language spoken, Marital status
  • Household details, such as Type, Size, Household composition, Tenure, SEIFA, Geography
  • Labour force status
  • Educational attainment
  • Self-assessed health status
  • Migrant and Visa status
  • Current smoker status.

The data item list in the Data downloads section is the definitive source of available data items and categories. Use the data item list to confirm the DataLab product fulfils the requirements for your research before purchasing your subscription.

Data downloads

Data item list

Further Information

See Pandemic insights into current Australian smokers, 2020-21 for summary results and methodology information.

See Smoking, 2017-18 for summary results and methodology information for the previous release.

Previous catalogue number

This release previously used catalogue number 4324.0.55.004.