Producer Price Indexes, Australia

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Contains a range of producer price indexes in the Australian economy, comprising mining, manufacturing, construction and services industries.

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March 2024
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Key statistics

Final demand (excluding exports)

  • Rose 0.9% this quarter.
  • Rose 4.3% over the past twelve months.

What are the Producer Price Indexes (PPIs)?

What is Final demand?

Quarterly overview

Final demand increased 0.9% this quarter with rises across most industries. Service output prices were influenced by increased operating costs and higher prices linked to fees. Construction output prices continue to contribute to the increase in Final demand, while falls in crude oil and petroleum-based outputs partially offset these rises.

 Dec Qtr 2023 to Mar Qtr 2024Mar Qtr 2023 to Mar Qtr 2024
Final demand% change% change
Final demand (excl. exports)0.94.3

Index reference period: 2011-12 = 100.0.

The main contributors to quarterly growth in Final demand were:

  • Property operators (+2.1%), driven by fees linked to increased rents as demand for rental dwellings outstrips supply.
  • Tertiary education (+5.3%), due to rising operating costs and higher tuition fees.
  • Residential building construction (+1.3%), due to ongoing skilled labour and material shortages, particularly for the finishing stages of house building.
  • Non-residential building construction (+1.8%), driven by competition with other sectors for skilled labour and materials, and increasing margins applied to manage resource availability risk.


Any discrepancies between totals and sums of components in this publication are due to rounding.


Input to the house construction industry

Output of the construction industry

Mining industries

Input to the coal mining industry

Output of the mining industry


Input to the manufacturing industry

Output of the manufacturing industry


Output of the services industries

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Final demand


Mining industries


Previous catalogue number

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Using price indexes

Price indexes in contracts

Price indexes published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) provide summary measures of the movements in various categories of prices over time. They are published primarily for use in Government economic analysis. Price indexes are also often used in contracts by businesses and government to adjust payments and/or charges to take account of changes in categories of prices (Indexation Clauses).

Use of Price Indexes in Contracts sets out a range of issues that should be taken into account by parties considering including an Indexation Clause in a contract using an ABS published price index.

Changes in this issue

From the March Quarter 2024, the following selected ANZSIC groups and classes have been added to Table 5. Final demand: contribution to final demand index by industry - index points:

  • Group 301 Residential building construction
  • Group 302 Non-residential building construction
  • Class 3101 Road and bridge construction
  • Class 3109 Other heavy and civil engineering construction
  • Group 671 Property operators
  • Group 771 Public order and safety
  • Group 810 Tertiary education
  • Group 851 Medical services
  • Group 853 Allied health services 

The inclusion of Group 802 School education within Table 5 has been delayed and will be included at a later stage.

The following selected ANZSIC codes have been discontinued from publication in Table 5. Final demand: contribution to final demand index by industry - index points:

  • Group 041 Fishing
  • Group 182 Basic polymer manufacturing
  • Group 212 Basic ferrous metal product manufacturing
  • Subdivision 30 Building construction (replaced with detailed Groups 301 and 302)
  • Subdivision 31 Heavy and civil engineering construction (replaced with detailed Classes 3101 and 3109)
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