Assets and Liabilities of Australian Securitisers

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Statistics on the assets and liabilities of financial corporations that issue securities against specifically matched assets, such as mortgages

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March 2024
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Key statistics

During the March 2024 quarter:

  • Total residential mortgages rose $3.7b (3.0%) to $128.5b.
  • Total asset backed long-term debt securities issued domestically rose $3.6b (2.3%) to $159.2b.
Total assets and liabilities of Australian securitisers
  Dec Qtr 2023 $mMar Qtr 2024 $mDec Qtr 2023 to Mar Qtr 2024 $mDec Qtr 2023 to Mar Qtr 2024 %
Total assets at end of qtr171,984175,3003,3161.9
 of which, Residential mortgages124,775128,4733,6983.0
 Other loans to households6,1866,7475619.1
 Loans to private non-financial corporations29,46829,535670.2
Total liabilities at end of qtr171,984175,3003,3161.9
 Asset-backed securities issued domestically (long-term only)155,562159,2073,6452.3
 Asset-backed securities issued offshorenpnpnpnp

np - not available for publication but included in totals where applicable, unless otherwise indicated.

See paragraph 7 of the Methodology for details on coverage of these statistics.

Assets of securitisers

At the end of the March 2024 quarter, total assets of Australian securitisers were $175.3b, an increase of $3.3b (1.9%).

  1. ADI - Authorised deposit taking institution

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