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Wage Price Index: Concepts, Sources and Methods
Reference period
ABNAustralian Business Number
ABSAustralian Bureau of Statistics
ANZSICAustralian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification
ARIMAAuto-Regressive Integrated Moving Average
ARPIAward Rates of Pay Indexes
ASGCAustralian Standard Geographical Classification
ASGSAustralian Statistical Geography Standard
ATOAustralian Tax Office
AWAAustralian Workplace Agreement
CPIConsumer Price Index
EAElementary Aggregate
EEHSurvey of Employee Earnings and Hours
EPIExport Price Index
GDPGross Domestic Product
HESHousehold Expenditure Survey
HPIHouse Price Index
IPDImplicit Price Deflator
IPIImport Price Index
ITEAIndividual Transitional Employment Agreement
ITPIInternational Trade Price Indexes
SLCISelected Living Cost Indexes
LPILabour Price Index
PBLCIPensioner and Beneficiary Living Cost Index
PPIProducer Price Index
SESCAStandard Economic Sector Classification of Australia
SISCAStandard Institutional Sector Classification of Australia
SNA08System of National Accounts 2008
TAUType of Activity Unit
WCIWage Cost Index
WPIWage Price Index
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