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Australian System of National Accounts: Concepts, Sources and Methods
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2020-21 financial year

11.48    The table below outlines the data sources and methods used in the estimation of quarterly taxes and subsidies on production and imports in current prices.

Table 11.25 Quarterly taxes less subsidies on production and imports
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Taxes less subsidies on production and imports



Information about Commonwealth and State general government production taxes and subsidies is received from Government Finance Statistics, which are obtained from administrative sources such as the Commonwealth Department of Finance quarterly ledger, and State government quarterly statements of receipts and expenditure. Quarterly data for local government rates are collected from a sample of local government authorities.

For those production taxes and subsidies where an adjustment to a payable basis is made, the accrual figure is estimated by allocating cash receipts and payments (or estimated cash receipts and payments) to quarters according to the proportion of production or activity occurring in each quarter. For example, the quarterly Goods and Services Tax (GST) is extrapolated using expenditure on goods and services that attract GST. Household final consumption expenditure, gross fixed capital formation, lawyer and real estate fees and intermediate consumption by financial corporations are used for this allocation.

 Other taxes less subsidies on production and imports



Total other taxes and subsidies on production are sourced from quarterly GFS data. Other taxes and subsidies on production are also allocated to specific industries quarterly where the same proportions used to establish the latest year estimates by industry are applied.

The data are split into industries for known other taxes and subsidies on production using various sources, including GFS, ATO, Survey of Major Labour Costs, motor vehicle capital stock data and the proportion of residential land to the total value of land. 

Known other taxes on production are those taxes for which quarterly estimates are available. These include payroll tax, taxes on capital and financial transactions, motor vehicle tax, land tax and municipal rates, carbon tax and the surrender of Renewable Energy Certificates from energy generators and use of ATO data.

Known other subsidies on production are those subsidies for which quarterly estimates are available. These include Renewable Energy Certificates, carbon credits, and the COVID-19 specific subsidies including JobKeeper, Boosting cash flow for employers, Supporting apprentices and trainees, Aged care preparedness, and the Early childhood education and care relief packages.

Industry estimates are obtained by extrapolating off the latest Supply-Use benchmarks using the indicator series described above.

See paragraph 11.47 for further details.

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