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Australian System of National Accounts: Concepts, Sources and Methods
Reference period
2020-21 financial year
AAEAverage Age Efficiency
AAOAdministrative Arrangement Orders
AASAustralian Accounting Standard
ABAAustralian Broadcasting Authority
ABARESAustralian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences
ABNAustralian Business Number
ABRAustralian Business Register
ABSAustralian Bureau of Statistics
ABSBRABS Business Register
AEMOAustralian Energy Market Operator
AFGAustralian Forest Growers' Association
AFSAgricultural Finance Survey
AGAAustralian Government Actuary
AHECCAustralian Harmonised Export Commodity Classification
AICAnnual Integrated Collection
AISAnnual Industry Statistics
AIFRSAustralian equivalents to International Financial Reporting Standards
AIHWAustralian Institute of Health and Welfare
AIMRAustralia's Identified Mineral Resources
AIPAustralian Institute of Petroleum
ALCAverage Labour Costs
ALPAverage Labour Productivity
ANAAustralian National Accounts
ANAOAustralian National Audit Office
ANZSICAustralian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification
ANZSIC93Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification, 1993
ANZSIC06Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification, 2006
AOFMAustralian Office of Financial Management
APMAustralian Property Monitors
APMIArticles Produced by the Manufacturing Industry
APRAAustralian Prudential Regulatory Authority
ARIAAustralian Recording Industry Association
ARIMAAutoregressive Integrated Moving Average
ASACAustralian Statistical Advisory Council
ASNAAustralian System of National Accounts
ASOMAustralian Students Overseas Model
ASXAustralian Securities Exchange
ATOAustralian Taxation Office
ATSAAustralian Tourism Satellite Account
AUDAustralian Dollars
AWEAverage Weekly Earnings
AWEXAustralian Wool Exchange
BACSBuilding Activity Survey
BEABureau of Economic Analysis (US)
BISBank of International Settlement
BITREBureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics
BLSBureau of Labor Statistics (US)
BoMBureau of Meteorology
BOPBalance of Payments
BoPBECBalance of Payments: Broad Economic Category
BPBasic Prices
BPM5Balance of Payments and International Investment Position Manual (fifth edition)
BPM6Balance of Payments and International Investment Position Manual (sixth edition)
BSIPBusiness Statistics Innovation Program
CFinal Consumption Expenditure by Households
CBAsCentral Borrowing Authorities
CBCSCommonwealth Bureau of Census and Statistics
CERClean Energy Regulator
CFBOCommonwealth Final Budget Outcome
CGEComputable General Equilibrium
CGOPCompany Gross Operating Profit
CIF/FOBCost, Insurance and Freight/Free-on-Board
CISConstruction Industry Survey
COECompensation of Employees
COFCConsumption of Fixed Capital
COFOGClassification of the Functions of Government
COICOPClassification of Individual Consumption according to Purpose
COPNIClassification of the Purposes of Non-Profit Institutions Serving Households
COPPClassification of Outlays of Producers by Purpose
CPC, Ver. 2Central Product Classification, Version 2
CPIConsumer Price Index
CSIROCommonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation
CVMChain Volume Measures
DAWEDepartment of Agriculture, Water and the Environment
DFATDepartment of Foreign Affairs and Trade
DFDDomestic Final Demand
DGIData Gaps Initiative
DMODefence Material Organisation
DoHDepartment of Health
EASEconomic Activity Survey
ECSEngineering Construction Survey
EDREconomically Demonstrated Resources
EGEnterprise Group
EPEEnvironmental Protection Expenditure
ERPEstimated Resident Population
ESAAEnergy Supply Association of Australia
ESCEmployer Social Contributions
ESUGEconomic Statistics User Group
ETFEconomic Type Framework
EurostatEuropean Statistics (European Commission)
FAOFood & Agriculture Organisation (UN)
FBTFringe Benefits Tax
FIFOFirst in first out Inventories valuation
FISIMFinancial Intermediation Services Indirectly Measured
FSAMForeign Students in Australia Model
GDIGross Disposable Income
GDPGross Domestic Product
GDP(E)Gross Domestic Product – Expenditure approach
GDP(I)Gross Domestic Product – Income approach
GDP(P)Gross Domestic Product – Production approach
GEIGross Entrepreneurial Income
GFCEGovernment Final Consumption Expenditure
GFCFGross Fixed Capital Formation
GFSGovernment Finance Statistics
GFSMGovernment Finance Statistics Manual (IMF)
GGGeneral Government
GHGGreenhouse Gas(es)
GMIGross Mixed Income
GNDIGross National Disposable Income
GNEGross National Expenditure
GNIGross National Income
GOSGross Operating Surplus
GPCGeneral Purpose Classification
GSPGross State Product
GSP(E)Gross State Product – Expenditure Approach
GSP(I)Gross State Product – Income Approach
GSP(I/E)Gross State Product – combined Income/Expenditure Measure
GSP(P)Gross State Product – Production Approach
GSTGoods and Services Tax
GVAGross Value Added
HECSHigher Education Contribution Scheme
HELPHigher Education Loan Program
HESHousehold Expenditure Survey
HFCEHousehold Final Consumption Expenditure
HPIHouse Price Index
HTISCHarmonised Tariff Item Statistical Code
IBTIndirect Business Tax (Taxes less Subsidies on Production and Imports)
ICNPOInternational Classification of Non-Profit Organizations
ICTInformation and Communication Technology
ICTISInformation and Communication Technology Industry Survey
ICW(Household) Income, Consumption, Saving and Wealth
IFRSInternational Financial Reporting Standards
IIPInternational Investment Position
ILOInternational Labour Organisation
IMFInternational Monetary Fund
IMOIndependent Market Operator (WA)
IMTSInternational Merchandise Trade Statistics
IOIGInput-Output Industry Group
IOPCInput-Output Product Classification
IOUGInput-Output User Group
IPDImplicit Price Deflator
IPIImport Price Index
IRTSInternational Recommendations for Tourism Statistics
ISCInsurance Service Charge
ISIC, Rev 4International Standard Industrial Classification of All Economic Activities, Revision 4
IVAInventory Valuation Adjustment
JPDAJoint Petroleum Development Area
LELegal Entity
LFSLabour Force Survey
LGPCLocal Government Purpose Classification
LIFOLast In First out Inventory valuation
LNGLiquid Natural Gas
LPILabour Price Index
MAPMeasures of Australia's Progress
MDBAMurray-Darling Basin Authority
MFPMultifactor Productivity
MMFMoney Market Funds
MMFSManual of Monetary and Financial Statistics
MPDAAMotion Picture Distributors Association of Australia
MTGMaster Tax Guide
MTSMargins, Taxes and Subsidies
MUMIMaterials Used by the Manufacturing Industry
MWhMegawatt hours
n.e.c.not elsewhere classified
NCTNet Current Transfers Receivable from Non-Residents
NCVERNational Centre for Vocational Education Research
NDPNet Domestic Product
NEONet Expenditure Overseas
n.i.e.not included elsewhere
NIRSNational Information and Referral Service
NMMFNon-Money Market Funds
NNDINet National Disposable Income
NNINet National Income
NOENon-Observed Economy
NPINon-Profit Institution
NPINRNet Primary Income Receivable from Non-Residents
NPISHNon-Profit Institutions Serving Households
NPVNet Present Value
NTNet Taxes (or Taxes on Production and Imports minus Subsidies on Production and Imports)
OCVOther Changes in Volumes
OECDOrganisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
OEECOffice of European Economic Co-operation
OGRAOil and Gas Resources of Australia
ONSOffice of National Statistics
OTCOwnership Transfer Costs
PBSPharmaceutical Benefits Scheme
PCProductivity Commission
PDVPresent Discounted Value
PHIACPrivate Health Insurance Administration Council
PIKPayments in kind
PIMPerpetual Inventory Method
PM&CDepartment of Prime Minister and Cabinet
PPPurchasers' Prices
PPIProducer Price Index
PVAProduction Valuation Adjustment
QALIQuality-Adjusted Labour Inputs
QBISQuarterly Business Indicators Survey
QGQuality Gate
QSUQuarterly Supply and Use
R&DResearch and Development
RBAReserve Bank of Australia
RECsRenewable Energy Certificates
REIAReal Estate Institute of Australia
RFCsRegistered Financial Corporations
RGDIReal Gross Domestic Income
RISRetail Industry Survey
RIS/WISRetail Industry Survey/Wholesale Industry Survey
RoWRest of World
RPPIResidential Property Price Index
RSERelative Standard Error
RULCReal Unit Labour Costs
SAMSocial Accounting Matrix
SAUGState Accounts User Group
SDStatistical Discrepancy
SDCsSource Destination Classifications
SDRsSpecial Drawing Rights
SEASABSSEASonal analysis, ABS standards
SEESurvey of Employment and Earnings
SEEASystem Environmental-Economic Accounts
SESAMESystem of Economic and Social Accounting Matrices and Extensions
SESCAStandard Economic Sector Classifications of Australia
SFDState Final Demand
SFESydney Futures Exchange
SFISurvey of Financial Information
SIHSurvey of Income and Housing
SIISurvey of International Investment
SISCAStandard Institutional Sector Classification of Australia
SITCStandard International Trade Classification
SITESurvey of International Transport Enterprises
SITSSurvey of International Trade in Services
SMLCSurvey of Major Labour Costs
SMVUSurvey of Motor Vehicle Use
1968 SNASystem of National Accounts, 1968
1993 SNASystem of National Accounts, 1993
2008 SNASystem of National Accounts, 2008
S-USupply and Use
SUICSupply-Use Industry Classification
SUPCSupply-Use Product Classification
TARMTravel by Australian Residents Model
TAUType of Activity Unit
TFITotal Factor Income
TFESTasmanian Freight Equalisation Scheme
TFRMTravel by Foreign Residents Model
THWTotal Hours Worked
TIUTotal Intermediate Usage
TNTSThe New Tax System
TRSTourist Refund Scheme
TSA RMFTourism Satellite Accounts: Recommended Methodological Framework
TUSTime-Use Survey
UGOPUnincorporated Gross Operating Profit
ULCUnit Labour Costs
UNUnited Nations
UNSCUnited Nations Statistical Commission
UNSOUnited Nations Statistical Office
USBCUnited States Bureau of the Census
USDUnited States Dollars
VACPValue of Agricultural Commodities Produced
VFACTSVehicle Facts (Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries)
WETWine Equalisation Tax
WISWholesale Industry Survey
WoLFSWork, Life and Family Survey
WPIWage Price Index
WSAAWater Supply Association of Australia
WSTWholesale Sales Tax
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