2139 Other Basic Non-Ferrous Metal Manufacturing

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Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification (ANZSIC)
Reference period
2006 (Revision 2.0)

2139 Other Basic Non-Ferrous Metal Manufacturing

This class consists of units mainly engaged in primary smelting, secondary smelting and refining of other non-ferrous metals, or in the recovery of such metals from drosses, ashes, scrap or other waste material. The metal is cast into ingots or other basic shapes. This class also includes units mainly engaged in manufacturing non-ferrous metal powders or flakes of molybdenum, tantalum or tungsten.

Primary activities

  • Antimony, refined, manufacturing
  • Bismuth smelting or refining
  • Bronze manufacturing
  • Can de-tinning
  • Gold refining
  • Molybdenum metal powder or flake manufacturing
  • Nickel oxide production in association with nickel smelting
  • Nickel smelting or refining
  • Non-ferrous alloy manufacturing n.e.c.
  • Non-ferrous metal n.e.c. from waste material recovering
  • Non-ferrous metal n.e.c. refining
  • Rare earth metal smelting
  • Silicon smelting
  • Solder manufacturing
  • Tantalum metal powder manufacturing
  • Tin smelting
  • Titanium smelting
  • Welding rod manufacturing


Units mainly engaged in

  • production of unrefined gold bullion as part of an integrated mining unit are included in Class 0804 Gold Ore Mining;
  • manufacturing of metallic compounds n.e.c. not in association with smelting are included in Class 1813 Basic Inorganic Chemical Manufacturing; and
  • manufacturing welding and foundry fluxes are included in Class 1899 Other Basic Chemical Product Manufacturing n.e.c.
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