2110 Iron Smelting and Steel Manufacturing

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Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification (ANZSIC)
Reference period
2006 (Revision 2.0)

2110 Iron Smelting and Steel Manufacturing

This class consists of units mainly engaged in smelting and/or refining iron ore or iron sands into basic iron products such as ingots, billets and slabs. Also included are units mainly engaged in manufacturing steel from iron alloyed with other elements (e.g. with carbon to produce carbon steel; with chromium to produce stainless steel); the conversion of basic iron and steel products (generally by hot or cold rolling) into primary shapes such as sheets, bars and rods; and recycling scrap ferrous metals.

Primary activities

  • Band, steel, manufacturing
  • Bar, iron or steel, manufacturing
  • Blank, steel, manufacturing
  • Direct reduction iron (DRI) manufacturing
  • Ferro-alloy manufacturing (including, manganese, silicon or chrome)
  • Flat-rolled product, iron or steel, manufacturing
  • High carbon tool steel manufacturing
  • High speed steel manufacturing
  • Pig iron manufacturing
  • Powder, iron or steel, manufacturing
  • Rail fastening or other rail accessory manufacturing
  • Rail, steel, manufacturing
  • Roof decking, steel, manufacturing
  • Section, steel, manufacturing
  • Semi-finished product, iron or steel, manufacturing
  • Skelp, steel, manufacturing
  • Spring steel manufacturing
  • Stainless steel manufacturing
  • Steel alloy manufacturing
  • Structural steel shape manufacturing (not fabricated)
  • Tinplate sheet or strip manufacturing


Units mainly engaged in

  • iron ore pelletising or agglomerating in association with iron ore mining are included in Class 0801 Iron Ore Mining;
  • producing coke for non-ferrous metallurgy or fuel use are included in Class 1709 Other Petroleum and Coal Product Manufacturing;
  • iron and steel casting are included in Class 2121 Iron and Steel Casting;
  • non-ferrous metal casting are included in Class 2141 Non-Ferrous Metal Casting;
  • manufacturing ferrous pipes or tubes (except cast or forged) are included in Class 2122 Steel Pipe and Tube Manufacturing; and
  • drawing steel wire and making steel fence posts are included in Class 2291 Spring and Wire Product Manufacturing.
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