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Purpose of the survey

The survey of Average Weekly Earnings (AWE) is conducted twice a year with businesses and organisations throughout Australia. Your participation in this survey provides figures essential for calculating Australia’s wages and salary statistics. These statistics are used in the measurement of Australia’s employee earnings and provide government and industry analysts with key economic indicators to inform decision making.

Thank you

We acknowledge and value your time and effort participating in this survey. It is only with the support of people like you that we can continue to produce the statistics that inform Australia's important decisions.

Frequently asked questions

About this survey

How is the information from AWE used? Why is it important?

What kinds of questions are asked in AWE?

What is the survey reference period?

Do we have to answer the questions?

What types of businesses are included in AWE?

How was my business selected for AWE?

We are a small business or organisation. Should we be included in this survey?

How long will we need to participate in this survey?

Do we have to provide figures for this survey right now?

Can we be sure these figures are kept confidential?

Will we be paid for our time?

What if this business or organisation does not have any employees?

What if this business or organisation did not operate during the reference period (e.g. seasonal business)?

We have already completed AWE this cycle and have received a reminder letter. What should we do?

How to complete this survey

How do we answer AWE?

We're having trouble completing the survey online - where can we find help?

Using AWE statistics

How can this business or organisation use AWE statistics?

Who can we contact for more information or to provide feedback?

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