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December 2019

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This publication and associated time series spreadsheets and data cubes contain a range of Producer Price Indexes. Economy-wide indexes are presented within a Final demand index framework in this publication. Additional indexes relating to all products (goods or services) that are used or produced by establishments classified to specific industries (selected Mining, Manufacturing, Construction and Services industries).

The suite of Producer Price Indexes are calculated on an index reference period of 2011-12 = 100.0, with some exceptions. Selected series in Table 35 - Output of the Health care and social assistance industries, group and class index numbers are calculated on an index reference period of 2012-13 = 100.0. Selected series in Table 27 - Output of the Other services industries, group and class index numbers and series in Table 36 - Output of the Mining industries are calculated on an index reference period of 2015-16 = 100.0.

In December quarter 2019, the Stage of Production (SOP) series was replaced with the Final Demand (excluding exports) series. Final products are those that are ready to be sold for immediate consumption, capital formation or export. Tables and Data Cubes published in this series are, Table 1 Final demand, Index Numbers and Percentage Changes and Table 5 Final demand: Contribution to Final demand index by industry - index points.


Recommendations arising from the 2011 Review of the Producer and International Trade Price Indexes were implemented in the September quarter 2012. The outcomes of this review are recorded in the Information Paper: Outcome of the Review of the Producer and International Trade Price Indexes, 2012 ( Major changes are summarised below:

  • The index structures have been updated to represent industries rather than products primary to industries. This aligns with the principal purpose of the Producer Price Indexes, which is to measure inflation by industry to support the compilation of the Australian National Accounts and Balance of Payments.
  • The Final demand indexes are presented using the Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification, 2006 edition (ANZSIC 2006). This brings them in line with the industry specific indexes.
  • The suite of Producer Price Indexes has been re-weighted using data derived from the Australian National Accounts: Input-Output Tables - Electronic Publication, 2012-13 (cat. no. 5209.0.55.001).
  • All index numbers are calculated on the index reference period 2011-12 = 100.0, except where otherwise stated (e.g. introduction of new indexes, see Introduction).


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