2026 Census topic review webinar series

Find out about the 2026 Census topic review process by watching one of the webinars.

Every Census, the ABS undertakes a review to inform our recommendation to the Government on the topics that could be included in the Census.

For the first time, the ABS adopted a two-phase consultation approach to maximise the opportunities the Australian public have to participate during the topic review process.

  • Phase one: 28 February to 28 April 2023 - understanding what information the public would like the ABS to collect on the Census. 
  • Phase two: 27 July to 8 September 2023 - consultation on topics being considered for inclusion, change or removal from the 2026 Census. This will consider public input from phase one. 

The webinars provide insights and information on both phases of public consultation.

Recordings of the 2026 Census topic review webinars are available on the ABS YouTube channel: 

At 26:09 minutes the phase two presentation covers existing topics being considered for removal. The table incorrectly lists that administrative data sources may be available to meet data needs for Unpaid work (domestic activities). This should have listed that alternative data sources may be available. More information is available in the detailed publication - 2026 Census topic review: Phase one directions.

The downloadable webinar slides have been updated.

Webinar slides are available below.

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