1292.0 - Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification (ANZSIC), 2006 (Revision 2.0)  
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Class 1140 Fruit and Vegetable Processing

This class consists of units mainly engaged in manufacturing canned, bottled, preserved, quick frozen or dried fruit (except sun-dried) and vegetable products. Also included are units mainly engaged in manufacturing dehydrated vegetable products, soups, sauces, pickles and mixed meat and vegetable products.

Primary activities

    • Baby food, canned or bottled, manufacturing (except milk based)
    • Baked bean manufacturing
    • Bean/legume, dried or canned, manufacturing
    • Chutney or relish manufacturing
    • Coconut, desiccated, manufacturing
    • Fruit dehydrating or drying (except sun drying) manufacturing
    • Fruit juice, 100 percent pure or concentrated, manufacturing
    • Fruit pulp, puree or spread manufacturing
    • Fruit salad manufacturing
    • Fruit, frozen, manufacturing
    • Fruit, preserved, manufacturing (including canned or bottled)
    • Grape crushing
    • Jam manufacturing (including conserves, jellies or fruit spreads)
    • Mixed meat and vegetable manufacturing
    • Rice preparation, canned, manufacturing
    • Sauce manufacturing (except Worcestershire sauce)
    • Spaghetti, canned, manufacturing
    • Vegetable juice or soup manufacturing
    • Vegetable salad manufacturing
    • Vegetable soup manufacturing
    • Vegetable, frozen, manufacturing
    • Vegetable, preserved, manufacturing (including canned, dehydrated, dried or quick frozen)
    • Vinegar manufacturing (except wine vinegar)

        Units mainly engaged in
    • manufacturing potato crisps or corn chips are included in Class 1191 Potato, Corn and Other Crisp Manufacturing;
    • manufacturing fruit drinks, less than 100 percent pure or concentrated, are included in Class 1211 Soft Drink, Cordial and Syrup Manufacturing;
    • manufacturing wine vinegar are included in Class 1214 Wine and Other Alcoholic Beverage Manufacturing;
    • manufacturing Worcestershire sauce are included in Class 1199 Other Food Product Manufacturing n.e.c.;
    • packing fresh fruit are included in 7320 Packaging Services;
    • manufacturing milk-based infant formula and food are included in Class 1133 Cheese and Other Dairy Product Manufacturing; and
    • sun drying fruit are included in the appropriate classes of Group 013 Fruit and Tree Nut Growing.

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